The Danish Maritime Authority publishes about 3 TB of AIS routes in CSV format here. The columns in the CSV are listed in Table 1.1, “AIS columns”. This module uses the data of one day April 1st 2018. The CSV file size is 1.9 GB, and it contains about 10 M rows.

Table 1.1. AIS columns

TimestampTimestamp from the AIS base station, format: 31/12/2015 23:59:59
Type of mobileDescribes what type of target this message is received from (class A AIS Vessel, Class B AIS vessel, etc)
MMSIMMSI number of vessel
LatitudeLatitude of message report (e.g. 57,8794)
LongitudeLongitude of message report (e.g. 17,9125)
Navigational statusNavigational status from AIS message if available, e.g.: 'Engaged in fishing', 'Under way using engine', mv.
ROTRot of turn from AIS message if available
SOGSpeed over ground from AIS message if available
COGCourse over ground from AIS message if available
HeadingHeading from AIS message if available
IMOIMO number of the vessel
CallsignCallsign of the vessel
NameName of the vessel
Ship typeDescribes the AIS ship type of this vessel
Cargo typeType of cargo from the AIS message
WidthWidth of the vessel
LengthLenght of the vessel
Type of position fixing deviceType of positional fixing device from the AIS message
DraughtDraugth field from AIS message
DestinationDestination from AIS message
ETAEstimated Time of Arrival, if available
Data source typeData source type, e.g. AIS
Size ALength from GPS to the bow
Size BLength from GPS to the stern
Size CLength from GPS to starboard side
Size DLength from GPS to port side