Chapter 2. Dashboard and Visualization of Ship Trajectories (AIS)

Table of Contents

Setting up the Data Source
Setting up the Visualization Dashboard
Sign in and Connect to Data Source
Creating a Dashboard
Speed of Individual Ships
Routes Used Most Frequently Visualized with a Static Heat Map
Number of Boats Moving Through a Given Area
Boats in Proximity in a Given Time Range
Dynamic Dashboards - Creating Variables
Dynamic Query: Number of Boats Moving Through a Given Area in a Certain Time Period
Global Variables
Final Dashboard

This module builds on the Managing Ship Trajectories (AIS) module by creating a business intelligence dashboard to visualize and manipulate data. The module shows how to set up a Grafana dashboard with an existing database, create basic visualizations, set properties for different outputs, and use Variables to create dynamic visuals.


The module covers the following topics:

  • Setting up a Grafana dashboard and connecting to a database

  • Visualize a statistic from simple aggregations

  • Visualize spatial frequency with a heat-map (not aggregated)

  • Visualize frequency in spatial extent with a heat-map (pre-aggregated)

  • Visualize spatio-temporal proximate objects

  • Create dynamic queries with variables